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snape_stillness's Journal

Snape Stillness
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All Members , Moderated

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Welcome to snape_stillness, a Severus Snape icon contest for non-animated icons and a place to post and share Snape icons, still or animated.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the mods (Alice - lunglock - and Beth - utrose_graphics) as a comment in this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
When posting icons:
At least three icons per post and when posting more than three, use a cut.
A maximum of three teasers before the cut and they need to be of Snape, but no SS/HR, Snarry, etcetera.
Your icon post will be put in a moderation queue and checked over before being accepted, to make sure it's ok to post.

When entering the icontest:
You need to be a member of the community to enter.
Your submissions cannot be animated.
Do not vote for yourself and do not tell people to vote for you.
Your submission must remain anonymous. This means you can not share your icon with anyone until the challenge is over.
Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards. (It's 100x100 and 40kb or less.)
The amount of icons you may enter in each challenge will be specified in the challenge post.
Comment on the challenge post with the icon and the icon's URL.
Shipping icons: If you're shipping Snape with a minor (younger than 18) please make sure that the text/image doesn't insinuate anything sexually explicit. It's quite alright, however, to have them standing togther, or to put cute love hearts next to them, for example. This is to fit with LJ's new rules stating any explicit fanart involving a minor is prohibitied.

When voting:
You do not need to be a member of the community to vote.
Anonymous votes are not accepted.
You are not allowed to vote for yourself, or get anyone else to.
Comment to the post that the icons for voting are in. Your vote will be screened until the winners are announced.
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